Learn how to create and plan your own Facebook Ad Campaign that generates leads and sales
...Even if you've never done it before!

What You'll Learn in this Workshop

✅ How Facebook ads can help you double your sales
✅ How to set up an ad campaign
✅ How to pin point your specific target market
✅ How to create ads that generate interest and gets people to take action
✅ How to get your audience's attention even if they don't know who you are yet
✅ How to write an effective ad even if you are not a good writer
✅ How to plan creatives that will stand out in the news feed

Because we don't want you to just take in the information from the session, the workshop also includes
a guided hands-on session where we help you create an ad campaign on the spot.

And because it will be an action-packed session and we don't want you to miss out on ANYTHING,
the workshop will be recorded and you will have LIFETIME ACCESS to the RECORDING.

Finally, because learning never stops, you will have access to our
Exclusive Student Support Group
where we provide continuous support to the students as well as do live monthly group Q&A session.

The regular price of this workshop for this year is at Php 7,500 but because you joined our free webinar, we're dropping the price to...

Php 2,997 only

PLUS: Avail of these bonuses if you enroll today!

Bonus #1: Facebook Ads Advanced Workshop

We'll cover a lot in the workshop but there are some topics that I chose to leave out because when I first taught them, the whole workshop became overwhelming.

That's why I created a separate workshop for them where we specifically talk about:

✅ Measuring Your Campaign Results
✅ Troubleshooting Your Campaigns
✅ Scaling Your Winning Ad Campaigns
✅ The Facebook Pixel
✅ How to Follow Up Using Remarketing
✅ Lead Generation Strategies and Implementing them with Facebook Ads

And because I don't want you to miss out on these topics as well, you will get FREE ACCESS to this recorded workshop which you can take at any time at your own pace.

About the Instructor & What Past Students Have To Say


My name is Julian and I'm a Facebook Ads Strategist and Coach.

Since 2018, we've been holding workshops and online courses that help entrepreneurs, sales professionals and micro, small and mid-sized business owners get more leads and sales through Facebook ads.

We have gone on to share this knowledge and skill multiple times to the public as well as teach it to private companies including some of the top insurance and distribution companies in the Philippines.
I enjoy doing these workshops.

I enjoy it because I'm able to see entrepreneurs suddenly get empowered and inspired just by knowing what's possible for them.

You see, in my live workshops, I ask attendees what their biggest takeaway was.

And you'd be surprised because it's not the strategies or the ninja tricks that people would answer.

They would say na their biggest takeaway would be the possibilities that have now opened for them.
Last 2020, this mission of mine has become even more relevant as a lot more entrepreneurs have seen the power of online marketing, particularly Facebook ads.

And what really warms my heart as a teacher is when I see students who find success and breakthroughs with what we teach including some of the stories below.
And today, I would like to invite you to go out of your comfort zone and try something new:

Facebook ads.

I have helped over 300+ business all over the world across different industries grow their business with Facebook ads.

I have taught over 3,000 students not only how to create campaigns but even our secrets that we only do for our clients.

We teach all of these in our Facebook Ads Basics workshop where our intention is that within a few hours, you are able to create an ad campaign that will immediately generate results for you.

And with all the bonuses listed above, our goal is to set you up with the knowledge, skills and experience that will make 2021 a breakthrough year for you and your business.
So if you're ready to take your business to the next level with Facebook Ads, join us in our Facebook Ads Basics workshop today!
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