In this free training experience, you will learn…

  • ​The elements of a highly-optimized Facebook ad that converts
  • ​The only ad copy framework you’ll ever need (applicable in all industries!)
  • ​My formula for being able to create profitable Facebook ad campaigns for myself and my clients.

Details of The Workshop:

Date: November 21, 2023 (Tuesday)

Time: 2PM - 5PM

Venue: Online via Zoom

Price: Free

Recording will available for limited time.

When you register today, you will also get…

  • Limited time access to the recordings of all the training sessions during this whole experience
  • Access to an exclusive community with other entrepreneurs like you seeking to learn and grow.
  • A Training Workbook which contains the preparation material which is the same material I use for my paying clients. (Just going through these have helped my clients get clarity on their offer and messaging.)

About your Instructor

This training experience is brought to you by Julian Cañita.

Julian Cañita has helped thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world across different industries reach more people and get more sales with the power of Facebook ads.

Today, he continues to do private trainings and public workshops to help more Filipino entrepreneurs master running Facebook ads profitably.

While his paid trainings and consultation sessions ranges from Php 10,000 to Php 100,000, he’s putting together this training experience for free to help bring the power of Facebook ads into the hands of more Filipino entrepreneurs.

What people say about Julian:

“I came to him 7 months ago when I was on the verge of losing one of my most important client… But to date, I now manage over a million in budget for Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns and generate Php 5-8M in monthly revenue for both local and international eCommerce brands” 

Jungie Gumiran
FB Ads & E-Commerce Expert
“What I learned about this course 2 years ago, until now nagagamit ko pa. After ko'ng matutunan yung skill I started running my online business right away, that was still 2020 and until now buhay na buhay pa rin yung business namin and were also able to hire more people”

Donna Castañeda
As an online entrepreneur writing emails for a living, I understand that my copy will only go as far as the quality of the audience receiving it. Since my core competency is in emails, I find it hard (& time consuming) to dabble into the technicalities of Facebook ads. Also, if one mistake could mean thousands of your hard earned money going to waste with no idea what to tweak. 

That's why I love working with Julian. He's very systematic in his approach with sound logic and a passion to drive results. His instinct to find the right levers to adjust when a campaign goes wrong lifts a ton of weight off my shoulders. His depth of knowledge is glaring just from your first conversation. 

Allan Ngo
Founder, Digital Solopreneur Inc.

Common Questions About this Free Training Experience…

What is this?

We’re doing a free training on that will help you improve your Facebook ads.

Our goal with this training is to help people become more aware of how to effectively use Facebook ads to connect with their target audience so they can get more sales.

Who is the instructor?

Julian Canita is a Facebook Ads Strategist and Coach and he’s been doing Facebook ads for 9 years now.

You can read more about him above.

What if I can’t join live?

The recording will be made available for a limited time after the training.

Is this for me?

To be honest, I don’t know simply because I don’t know you, your business or how much you know about Facebook ads and online marketing.

But I designed it for entrepreneurs at any level to get to the next level of generating more sales for their business online.

Siguro it’s going to be a challenge lang if you are not an entrepreneur, a sales professional or a marketer kasi what we’ll teach is dependent on having an offer to sell to other people.

Having said that, the first time I learned about Facebook ads was when I was an employee and I wasn’t selling anything but I found so much value in it and it brought me to where I am now so who am I to really say if it’s for you or not.

So my suggestion is to just sign up and when you feel that it’s not for you, it’s ok :) You can just leave the training and there would be no hard feelings.

Do I need to know Facebook ads already?

Not really.

The focus of the training is really the process in writing and planning ads and not so much the technical set up of it.

Do you offer a certificate?

We could.

I’m not really a fan of certificates but that’s just me. I won’t withhold it from you if you feel that you do need it.

We will have a request though.

If you want to request for a certificate, you’ll first have to attend the training live on Tuesday (we have a way of checking).

Next we’ll be requesting you to go to our Facebook Page and share a good review for us.

After that, send an email to requesting for a certificate with your name and the screenshot of your review and we’ll process that for you.

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