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Hey Business Owners!
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About Me
I’ve spent over P10M pesos of other people’s money running Facebook Ads and delivering as much as 10X growth for businesses I’ve worked with.

With nearly 100 clients, and over 500 students I’ve personally helped and mentored, I know my way around Facebook Ads like my life depended on it. 

Some of my friends tease me that I live, eat, sleep, breathe Facebook Ads, and you know what…  
Facebook Ads Workshop with Julian Cañita, Facebook Advertising Strategist & Coach
8X Your Business Growth with Facebook Ads
  • Launch your First Facebook Ad Confidently
  • Discover the one question you should ask before clicking the "Create" button
  • Stop putting your offer in front of the wrong people by accurately reaching your specific target market
  •  Learn how to create compelling but compliant ads
  •  Know how to use Facebook Ads to generate more leads and sales to 8X your business growth
  •  Be added to a Facebook group of collaborative minds to continue the learning
  •  Have free access to all succeeding workshops
He's very systematic in his approach with sound logic and a passion to drive results. His instinct to find the right levers to adjust when a campaign goes wrong lifts a ton of weight off my shoulders. His depth of knowledge is glaring just from your first conversation. We've quickly grown both my Messenger and email list just a month after I started working with Julian. 
- Allan Ngo , Founder, Digital Solopreneur Inc.
Introducing the JC Course on
Facebook Ads and Awesomeness
4 Main Modules
Lessons on Facebook ads, the Facebook pixel, lead generation strategies, online marketing, research, scaling & many more!
 Helps you with selecting campaign objectives, having laser-focused audience targeting, creating compelling ad copies, campaign monitoring and many more.
Private FB Community
Connect with like-minded and equally awesome business owners who are continuously learning and sharing information and experiences on FB ads.
Live Group Coaching and Interviews
Learn from other experts on Facebook ads, online marketing and entrepreneurship.

Join my program and I will hold you by the hand and show you exactly how to get it done.
DON'T take my word for it...
Hear The Word On The Street
"I have worked with Julian Canita for over a year and in that time I watched my online business double in terms of income and my mailing list grew by 40,000. He is detail oriented and results driven. Running a campaign is hard work that takes endless revisions to keep it fresh. He not only executed a successful ad campaign, he also wrote copy, chose images, and was essentially like three people in one. He is also a team player and great to work with. Over the course of our history together I grew to admire him more and more and now regard him as a friend though we have never met. I highly recommend Julian Canita."
 Online Course Creator
Undisclosed Client
"I've been in marketing for 9 years, and have been part of multi-million Facebook ad campaigns for big brands as well, but Julian is one of the only few (very few) people I defer to when it comes to Facebook Ads. He knows his stuff. He takes care of some of my Facebook ad campaigns and I couldn't be any happier with the results. If you want what's best for your business, close your mouth, listen to him, and follow what he says. Do those 3 things and I can personally guarantee your ROI."
Nix Niego
Founder of Social Media Academy
"Eversince the company handled our brand, our marketing side finally had a structure. They helped us start up our website and then managed it making our business so much easier to handle. We became more visible to customers who haven't tried us and our online sales increased. Their team is so efficient in doing amendments to the website, email blasts everyweek and most importantly managing our ads in google, facebook and instagram. We do recommend them because you will get your money's worth and they are affordable compared to other companies that charge for high rates with minimal marketing services. "
Sooper Beaute
Beauty Brand
Need help finding the right audiences for your ad campaigns?
Download this free guide which maps out the exact process I use to help put my client's offers in front of the right people.
"Julian is an awesome guy when it comes to Facebook ads. He's the best!"
Niel Reichl
Ready to kick it into high gear 
as Facebook Ads Specialist?
"He's approach has no fluff, straight to the point, yet very effective."
Pinky Anicete
Here’s three of the most popular blog posts to date!
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That last part is important....
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STay connected
Are You Making This Targeting Mistake?
How To Target Fast Action Takers

How FB Ads Work

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